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Minimising environmental impact, Gristle Ltd


Minimising Environmental Impact

Environmental concerns are prominent and it has never been more important for us to try and minimise our impact on the environment. This is especially important in the construction, demolition and excavation industries which produce over half of the UK’s waste each year. Consequently, Gristle Ltd works hard to help minimise its own environmental impact as well as that of its customers. This is done by providing efficient muck away, grab hire and aggregate delivery services which reduce transport emissions. We also take waste from clearance jobs and groundwork services to suitable centres for sorting and recycling.

From topsoil delivery to site clearance, find out how we help reduce the negative environmental effects of construction...


The construction industry can lower its environmental impact by recycling as much material as possible. This is because recycled materials help reduce the demand for new materials and the recycling process produces less emissions than creating or mining new materials.

At Gristle Ltd, we collect waste from sites across the South East of the UK with our muck away, grab hire and groundwork services. We then take this waste to licensed waste transfer stations which sort it and recycle as much as possible.

Secondary Aggregates

Another way we help reduce damage to the environment is by supplying secondary, or recycled, aggregates through our aggregate delivery service. Secondary aggregates are either by-products of other industrial processes or are otherwise waste materials that have been recycled and repurposed. A common example is crushed concrete.

We supply customers across the South East of the UK with all kinds of secondary aggregates reducing the demand for primary aggregates which produce more emissions through mining and transportation.

Fewer Trips

Transportation produces harmful emissions so it's important to minimise transport requirements in order to reduce the environmental impact of construction. We help with this by using large capacity grab hire lorries and tippers which minimise the number of trips we need to make to and from your site. Whether you require muck away, aggregate delivery or groundwork services, we complete tasks in as few trips as possible and using as few machines as possible.

Additionally, where suitable, we combine services to limit the number of vehicles and trips necessary to provide the services you need. For example, we can use the same lorry for topsoil delivery and site clearance.

Licensed Waste Carriers

Gristle Ltd is registered with the Environment Agency and holds a waste carrier licence.

This gives all our customers peace of mind that we handle and dispose of waste properly and legally as well as working alongside a network of dedicated partners to ensure the environmentally responsible disposal of waste.

This includes recycling as much as possible through waste transfer centres.

Please call 07900 580050 for muck away, aggregate deliveries, topsoil and other services that can help you reduce the environmental impact of your project

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